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company news about Performance introduction of coconut oil methyl monoethanolamide (CMMEA)

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Company News
Performance introduction of coconut oil methyl monoethanolamide (CMMEA)
Latest company news about Performance introduction of coconut oil methyl monoethanolamide (CMMEA)

CMMEA thickening/foam stabilizer product introduction

1. Source and function

CMMEA is a plant-derived non-ionic surfactant, which is the same as 6501 and CMEA as an amide thickening foam stabilizer; due to EU regulations restricting the use of diethanolamine and 6501 not recommended in the Chinese cosmetics raw material catalog, CMMEA has become an amide foam stabilizing and thickening agent Upgraded products of agents. This product is widely used in various liquid personal hygiene care products and household cleaning products, such as shampoos, shower gels, facial cleansers, hand sanitizers, detergents, laundry detergents and liquid soaps, etc., to thicken, increase foam/stabilize The role of foaming, fatting and enhancing the cleaning effect.

2. Safety and irritation

This product has good stability, avoids the harm of harmful impurities such as diethanolamine and nitrosamines to the human body, has little skin irritation, is mild in nature, and is easily biodegradable.

Three, performance and use

(1) This product is not turbid, non-solidified, and fluid liquid above zero. It has a low apparent viscosity and low viscosity and temperature sensitivity; it has good frost resistance and heat resistance, and can effectively avoid crystallization at low temperatures. The phenomenon of precipitation or deepening of color under high temperature; easy to use, easy to disperse and dissolve in water, no cloud point, and quickly dissolve in the surfactant system without heating.

(2) This product has good compatibility with other types of surfactants, and has excellent synergistic viscosity-increasing effects on anionic surfactant compound systems such as AES/AOS or AES/LAS systems, especially various liquid products containing AEO And foaming/stabilizing; when the system is acidic, it has a particularly obvious thickening effect when it is compatible with anionic surfactants, so it is suitable for thickening formulas containing acyl amino acids; even in systems with higher fat content, it has good Tackifying effect.

(3) The viscosity of this product at high and low temperature changes smoothly when thickening, and the viscosity of the system fluctuates little when the pH changes. Compared with 6501, the thickening effect is better, and it avoids the possibility of diethanolamine and nitrosamines. It can be used as an alternative. All occasions of 6501; Compared with CMEA, the viscosity and temperature sensitivity of the thickening system is lower, especially at low temperature, it will not form a "jelly" gel system; and other current amine oxide or betaine type that temporarily replaces the function of 6501 Compared with surfactants, it does not introduce additional irritating/toxic impurities, does not damage the stability of the original formula, and has the best thickening/foam stabilization synergy.

(4) This product is light in color, small in odor, and less impurity. It meets the requirements of high-grade cosmetic raw materials. It can be used as an emulsifier for oily raw materials and used as an emulsion stabilizer for various cosmetic cream products; this product has a fat-filling effect. It does not hurt the skin and has a certain antistatic conditioning effect. It is suitable for all kinds of personal hygiene and care products; this product can improve the performance of oil removal and decontamination when used in cleaning liquid products. It is especially recommended for laundry that is difficult to thicken Liquid formula; this product can be used in soap products, with better hard water resistance.

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