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company news about Performance introduction of cocamidopropyl betaine (CAB)

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Company News
Performance introduction of cocamidopropyl betaine (CAB)
Latest company news about Performance introduction of cocamidopropyl betaine (CAB)

CAB uses coconut oil as a raw material, produces PKO through condensation with N and N dimethyl propylene diamine, and then reacts with sodium chloroacetate (prepared from monochloroacetic acid and sodium carbonate) in a two-step quaternization process to prepare cocamide propyl The yield of betaine is about 90%.

Name structure

Abbreviation (trade name): CAB

English alias N-Cocamidopropyl-N,N-dimethylglycine inner salt; N-(3-Cocoamidopropyl)-betaine

Chemical name: Cocamidopropyl dimethylamine hydantoin

CAS Registry Number: 61789-40-0 (86438-79-1)

Performance and application

This product is an amphoteric surfactant with good cleaning, foaming and conditioning effects, and good compatibility with anionic, cationic and nonionic surfactants.

This product has low irritation, mild performance, fine and stable foam. It is suitable for the preparation of shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, etc., and can enhance the softness of hair and skin.

When this product is compatible with an appropriate amount of anionic surfactants, it has an obvious thickening effect. It can also be used as a conditioning agent, wetting agent, bactericide, antistatic agent, etc.

Because this product has a good foaming effect, it is widely used in oilfield exploitation. Its main function is as a viscosity reducer, oil-displacing agent and foaming agent, making full use of its surface activity to infiltrate, penetrate, and strip the crude oil in the oily mud to improve Three recovery rate.

Product Features

1. It has excellent solubility and compatibility;

2. Has excellent foaming properties and significant thickening properties;

3. It has low irritation and bactericidal properties, and the compatibility can significantly improve the softness, conditioning and low temperature stability of washing products;

4. It has good resistance to hard water, antistatic and biodegradability.


It is widely used in the preparation of medium and high-grade shampoos, shower gels, hand sanitizers, foam cleansers, etc. and household detergents; it is the preparation of mild baby shampoos, baby

The main component of baby foam bath and baby skin care products; it is an excellent softening and conditioning agent in hair care and skin care formulations; it can also be used as a detergent, wetting agent, thickener, antistatic agent and bactericide, etc.

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